Websites That Reward Users For Shopping, Taking Surveys, Signing Up For Offers

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to join by the links, I may receive a commission.  All of the websites are free to join and I never had an major issues in my dealings with them.

Shopping is one of the most addictive habits on the planet (and fun to boot). It is also, a necessary evil, so why not make some money from what you were already planning to buy anyway? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few days away. With the holiday season upon us, these websites can save you possibly hundreds of dollars in bargains, as well. When I shop on these websites, I try and run the numbers to see which one will offer me the best deal with the highest rewards.

Most of the websites that I list below will credit your account with points or cash  as rewards for shopping and signing up for offers through their website. Some of the sign up offers on these websites are 100% free. There are other offers which require members to pay something up front and then the account is later credited.

As far as the trial offers go, credit cards are required for most. If the trial is cancelled before the trial period is up, then this could constitute fraud and the member account may not be credited. I would not sign up for or purchase something that I have no use for, just to get a little money. I personally don’t sign up for offers that ask for too much personal information or a credit card. Always remember that if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But that’s just my take on things.

It is highly recommended that if you register for any of these websites that you set up a separate free e-mail account. That’s because you will probably get several e-mail notifications from these websites. Therefore, you should not use your primary, business e-mail to register with these websites. The websites that I list below are reputable and don’t engage in spam. However, somewhere along the way, spammers may slip through the cracks when you sign up for several offers.

All of these sites have their own rules about when earnings can be redeemed and how they are redeemed. Most of the time members are paid by gift cards, e-gift certificate, check, or PayPal. These are the websites:

1. MyPoints– This business started in 2004. There are hundreds of merchants that members can shop through to get deals and earn points per dollars spent. MyPoints sends their members e-mails regarding some of their deals and offers. This site rewards members in points. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards, with hundreds of different merchants  to choose from or PayPal.


Shop online, earn gift cards!

2. Cash Crate– This website has several opportunities to make money by taking surveys and signing up for free offers. It also, has a very good referral program for users. Cash Crate pays by check for newer members and the cash out threshold is $20.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

3. Send Earnings– New members receive a $5.00 sign up bonus into their account. I have been a member of this website since 2010 and it was redesigned. The layout is nicer and more user friendly. You may also earn money by playing games and redeeming coupons. The cash out threshold is $30 and the payment is sent as a check.


4. SwagBucks– This is probably the most well known and popular website of its type. Members earn “Swagbucks” which are converted to cash and later redeemed. You can earn Swagbucks by taking surveys, participating in daily polls, playing games, watching videos, etc. Members are able to cash out upon reaching an account balance of $5.


5. Ebates– This is one of my favorite websites for deal shopping online.  People who join receive a free gift card, if they make a purchase of at least $25 by a specified period of time. Members that shop through the website, usually receive a rebate as a percentage of money spent at certain websites and on certain products.  You have read carefully. Ebates offers coupon codes for deeper savings at checkout.  The minimum cash out balance must be $5.01.  The rebate can be redeemed as a check or through PayPal.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


6. Vindale Research– This website does not really offer deals that appeal to me. It does give members the opportunity to earn money by taking surveys. So I mainly use the website to complete free offers and take surveys for pay. They pay by PayPal or check. The minimum account balance for cashout is $50.

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