Yes, You Can Make Money on YouTube

I joined YouTube several years ago, but didn’t start making and uploading videos, until 2012. The reason being is that I was afraid of speaking on camera, and was afraid of rejection. I learned to overcome much of my fears and decided to take a chance with it. I am happy that I did, since I have enjoyed the learning experience and interactions.


At this point, I do not make enough money on YouTube to have a full-time income, but there are plenty of people who do. Take for instance YouTubbers like, Ray William Johnson, Jenna Marbles, and NiggaHigga. These people have channels that attract millions of subscribers and generate millions of views daily. So, I think that it is pretty safe to assume that the they are earning six figures or better from YouTube. By the way, I use the term “YouTubber”. This is a person that creates and uploads YouTube videos and/or watches videos and actively participates on YouTube.


Top Ways That People Earn Money on YouTube:


  • The Google AdSense Program: This is an advertising program set up by Google, which allows the video creator to partner with YouTube. Partners can monetize their YouTube channel by allowing ads to be placed on their videos. Sometimes clickable ads are overlaid on the video or appear in the sidebar of the video. Sometimes, instream video ads play before or during the actual YouTube video. Each time that someone views or clicks on the ads, partners earn money in their AdSense account. The amount that partners earn depends on different factors including, the eCPM (effective Cost Per Mil) and CPC (Cost Per Click).


  • Affiliate Marketing: You can do a product review or suggest products to your audience. By adding affiliate links to your video (or in the description box), you may earn a commission when someone clicks thru the link and buys the product. Some of the most popular affiliate programs to join are Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Viglinks, and Click Bank. This money making method works best for people who have a huge amount of viewers on their channel.


  • Sponsorships  YouTubbers who have many subscribers, are popular and have influence. Therefore, companies will sometimes approach YouTubbers that they feel are great at generating buzz and promoting products. They will pay these people to feature or mention a product during their video presentation.


  • Networks: By partnering with a network, like Machinima or Maker Studios you are paid a certain amount of money per thousand views on YouTube. Some people benefit from joining a network because they get much more exposure and are promoted by the network. If you choose to go this route, be careful as you are required to sign a contract.


  • Sell Your Own Products: This may be the best way (most lucrative) to earn money on YouTube. This is because you have a greater control over your earning potential. You create your own product or service to market to your viewers. You direct the viewers back to your own website or platform so that they can buy your products. There is a description box located below the video. A link can be placed in this space to your website. You can also watermark your videos with your own logo or website address. So YouTube videos can function as an excellent, free marketing tool.


  • YouTube Paid Subscriptions: YouTube subscribers are required to pay a fee to the channel on to watch videos, which aren’t made available to the general public. Most of the channels are informational and instructional in nature.


Now, if you decide to upload videos to YouTube, make sure that you carefully read their policies and terms of service before doing so. You don’t want to end up getting kicked off the website due to unknowingly violating any of their terms. Make sure that you are submitting your own videos and not anyone else’s, to avoid copyright infringement claims and strikes.

Don’t expect to make any money right away. It will probably take a good 6- 12 months of consistent, good quality videos in your catalog in order to start seeing any earnings in your Adsense account. The earnings will be minimal in the beginning stages;  perhaps a few pennies here and there. But, in time, as you build up a following and produce more videos, your earnings from Adsense and other related income streams will increase.

© Copyright 2014 Susan Broadbelt