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Capture All of Your Great Ideas

I consider myself to be a fairly creative person; I like to write and draw to a lesser degree. There are periods where I go through dry spells and can’t come up with creative ideas for nothing.

But, then there are other times that ideas and inspirations seem to come at me out of nowhere. Some concepts arrive in the form of that perfect phrase or sentence for written content. Other concepts burst out in a vivid vision for a drawing or graphical image.
A few examples of some creative concepts and ideas:


  • Topics for YouTube videos
  •  An interesting slogan or catch phrase
  •  A niche for a website or book
  • An idea for a product or service


Many ideas come to me at the most unexpected times. They are often triggered by experiences through the day, like taking a walk, washing dishes, or having a conversation with a friend. It is during these times that ideas seem to flow like water from a faucet and it is hard to keep up with them. So, at those times when creativity flourishes, I like to be prepared.
I find that the best way for me to keep myself prepared is to try and have a notebook handy, most of the time. I keep a small notebook or note pad with me in my purse, when I am on the go. Each time that I observe something interesting or unusual, I write it down in my notebook and then refer to it later.

I usually sleep with a notebook and pen on my nightstand, near my bed. This is so that I will be ready to write down any dreams or creative bursts of inspiration that I receive during sleep and upon awakening. Sometimes, my ideas will come to me in fragments or stream of consciousness. Those initial ideas are incomplete and don’t make sense, so that I do brainstorming later on to build upon those initial ideas.

I don’t know what it is about me, but I get some of my best ideas when I am near water. It never fails. When it starts raining, I suddenly develop the spirit to make a YouTube video. When I am showering, I get a flood of ideas. Sadly, many of the ideas are lost by the time I dry off and get dressed. So, I am seriously considering the purchase of a water proof notepad and pen. When those ideas hit me while doing the dishes or showering, I can write them down without any concern for losing them.

Another thing that I do, is use my smartphone to make recordings. I used to have an old school microcassette recorder from my college days, but it conked out on me. So now I use voice recorder apps and there are a few good ones that I can think of off the top of my head. One is the Smart Voice Recorder App, available for download on Android smartphones at the Google Playstore. The other app is the Evernote app for Android and iPhones. The Evernote app also comes with a memo for writing and some others cool features.


Other useful tools for capturing great ideas:

Post it notes
Whiteboards and erasible markers
Waterproof notepads and pens

Sometimes we discount our ideas as trivial and meaningless. Most people think that their ideas don’t count unless they are a stroke of genius, perfect masterpieces or completely original. You would probably be surprised to know that there is a veritable goldmine in the most mundane and ordinary ideas. This may come across as cliche, but you never know when you will come up with that multi-million dollar idea. Don’t let your awesome ideas slip away!

Is Bubblews a scam?

Lately, I have been reading some really negative reviews about Bubblews. I wrote a blog post about Bubblews a few months ago, which you can read later. Most of the complaints eminate from members who either weren’t paid or had their account deleted. You’ve got your people who love and fully support Bubblews and your people who hate Bubblews with a passion. I sort of see myself in the middle, since I haven’t been burned by them. I won’t get into a knock-down, drag-out debate with any of these polar opposites. I think that they both bring relevant and valid points to the discussion.


Is Bubblews a scam?
I don’t see Bubblews as a scam website, but rather a system fraught with several flaws. Here’s some of the things that I’ve noticed in my time there:

Spammers on steroids– There are too many members leaving self promoting messages in comments. It seems that for every spammer that they get rid of, ten more come out of the wood work. Users can flag spammy posts and comments, but it takes up a lot of time and resources for staff to eliminate these spammers.

Bland and boring dashboard- It basically allows you to upload text and a few pictures. There is not much else you can do there, like add HTML tags or embed YouTube videos.

There’s no control on moderating comments

Poor quality submissions- Bubblews does not edit posts. So anyone can submit immediately after passing a CAPTCHA test. There are many examples published there of worthless drivel, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. You can easily decipher that many posts are written by people who aren’t Native speakers of English.

It is not a venue for serious and professional writers. Bubblews is very lighthearted and casual (which is both positive and negative). Some of the members don’t accept criticism very well.

The fact that there aren’t any standards, brings down the overall quality of the website. Some of the crap posted there can’t possibly bring in truly targeted traffic from search engines. If Bubblews wants to increase its reputation in the eyes of advertisers and search engines, it should purge many of the poor quality posts.

Too many plagiarists– Bubblews is really good about getting rid of these people once they are discovered. At the same time, they need some sort of software for detecting copied content and blocking the content from submission. Copied content doesn’t sit very well with major advertising networks, like Google Adsense.

Compensation system is nebulous– Bubblews is direct in stating how much members are paid for posts submitted there. Bubblews pays a penny per unique page view, like, comment, or share to each post. I don’t understand how they’ve calculated that this compensation is a 50/50 split of advertising revenue between Bubblews and the member.
Lackluster member support- Many of the members complain that Bubblews staff does not respond to their inquiries regarding missed or delayed payments. According to the complaints, when they do respond, it is often vague. Some of the members whose accounts were deleted have claimed that they weren’t given clear reasons why.

504 errors- Most of the time there aren’t any issues, but Bubblews experiences too much downtime. It is really frustrating to log on to your account and attempt to post a comment and then get an error message. Obviously, downtime results in lost page views and advertising revenue. I think Bubblews administrators need to change their hosting service or get help from an IT company.

I could say more about my observations, but I don’t want to put you to sleep.


Most of the posts that I submitted to Bubblews were written in 20 minutes or less, with little or no research required. Many of the writings that I submitted there consist of my opinion about current events, things that I see on TV, or random ramblings about my personal experiences. In other words, I don’t see Bubblews as a platform where I would devote copious amounts of time researching and drafting articles. I always proofread the articles for errors and try to make my submissions interesting or funny. However, I won’t waste time submitting my best content there.

I don’t invest much time there, so I wouldn’t go bezerk if they deleted my account or failed to pay me. I would join the masses of people complaining about Bubblews and spread the word about their misdeeds, though.

Bubblews payment proof
Bubblews payment proof

I won’t bitch, moan and gripe about Bubblews because they have allowed me to earn some extra pocket change for something that I would probably do anyway. There are people in emerging nations who see Bubblews as a chance for them to come up and make a decent wages (by their standards). The CEO is saying that big changes are coming to Bubblews which will make people like it better. So, I won’t be too critical of them.

My activities are limited mostly to commenting on the posts of my strongest connections. I will continue to submit posts once in a blue moon, when I am in the mood. I will take what I can from the experience and move on when I feel the need to. People who consider joining should, proceed with caution.