Bubblews: They continue to have issues

Bubblews is still receiving many criticism and complaints regarding delayed or missing payments to their members. They were 3 weeks late with the payment of my latest redemption. According to their rules (at the time), members should expect to be paid around 30 days after redeeming the money in the bank. I decided to give them an extra week before contacting member support about the late payment. They seem to be very inundated with a backlog of payment processing and other issues.


There was no “human” response to the first message that I sent to member support about the late payment. The typical automated response to the initial inquiry was sent. Then, I waited another couple of weeks and they still didn’t pay me. So, I sent a direct e-mail to member support with a screen shot of the redemption. The following day Bubblews support sent an e-mail which stated that they were sending the payment. Shortly thereafter, I received another e-mail from Bubblews via PayPal that my e-check was on the way.


I am happy that they held up their end of the bargain and eventually paid me. But, the experience makes me much more reluctant to continue submitting content on Bubblews. In fact, I am slowly deleting some of my best posts published there. I will most likely find somewhere else to put them for residual earnings.


Bubblews have made more changes to their payout structure and website that I don’t like. They increased the redemption payout time from 30 days to 35 days. In some countries the payout time is as high as 90 days. They are saying that they made this decision because of the amount of time that it takes for them get paid by advertisers on their website.

Then, there was something else that I noticed: Bubblews no longer covers PayPal fees, and a 5% charge is passed on to the member. Basically, the PayPal fee is deducted from Bubblews e-checks deposited to PayPal.

In addition, the earnings aren’t as transparent as they used to be. Members are no longer able to see the amount of views to each post.   It is also not clear how much each member will earn per unique page view to their content.  We have to just trust that we aren’t being shafted on the unique views (uhhhhh, right).

In some countries, the pay per view is something like $.001 per unique page view. The amount of money that the advertisers pay for ad placements in certain regions comes into play. I know that Bubblews implemented this in order to prevent “gaming the system” and get rid of the cheaters but that totally sucks.
It looks like member activity has dropped significantly since the changes were implemented. Low activity= less page views= less ad revenue=money. Perhaps, people have started to bail and seek greener pastures.  Will this website last the many changes? Who knows?


In the past, Bubblews actually deducted all earnings on deleted posts! That was not fair because Bubblews have already earned advertising revenue on the page views from those posts. But this changed; They are now allowing members to keep the earnings from deleted posts (which is the way that it should have been in the first place).


I dislike the way that they handle their member support and payment processing. I don’t know whether there is a cash flow problem or if Bubblews is simply short staffed and disorganized. It doesn’t make them look good. They really need to tighten up in those areas of member support and sending out payments on time.


I already look at my activity there as a hobby rather than a sustainable money-making venture. I check in every few days for a few minutes. That’s just to keep connected with other members and to see what is going on there. I won’t be spending that much time there because it is not worth it in the long run.