I am just an average gal, trying to survive and thrive, like everyone else. This blog is not one of those get rich quick types. I am definitely not rich, and I am not some internet guru. You will not learn how to go to bed tonight and wake up with $50,000 in your PayPal account tommorrow. If that’s is what you are searching for, there is nothing wrong with that. As Tupac once said, “I ain’t mad at ya!”. However, you are probably looking in the wrong place.

It is more about my journey towards getting out of the rat race and gaining financial freedom. To me, freedom means the ability to do what you want with your time, whenever you want. I’d much rather spend my time, building my wealth, working on my spirituality, traveling and enjoying loved ones. It beats working on a job to make someone else rich.

That’s what you do when you work for another person or business. You’re basically making someone else’s dream come true, while working your best years away. People rarely amass wealth working for corporations and other businesses, unless they are principals of that business. In general, employees are never paid what they are worth.

Financial freedom also means that you aren’t required to answer to a boss (your clients and customers, maybe). It means that you don’t have to deal with someone else’s A-hole customers, office politics, or nasty co-workers. I recently resigned from a low-paying, craptastic job where, it was apparent that the top level management and owners do not care about employees.

When you get to a state where you aren’t living pay check to pay check and wondering how you will pay your bills if you lose your income, then you are on your way to financial freedom. That’s what I aspire to and that is what this blog is about. I want to share what I learn along the way with my readers.

So this blog is about some of the ways that I have found, that people can make some money, and slowly and steadily build wealth outside of having a job. I am not against hard work. I am just tired of working for other people. The blog is about the path towards wealth building through hustling, entreprenuership and self-reliance. I realize that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, though.

Most of the topics that I discuss on this blog will be related to making money on the internet and making money from your home (or where you have internet access). As stated earlier, you certainly won’t get rich quick through these methods. But if you play your cards right, and work hard, you will definitely make money. I made my first dollar on the internet back in 2007, and if I can do it, that’s proof that anyone can.


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