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What is a niche website? What is niche marketing?

A niche is focused on a specific interest or target audience. People often confuse mass markets with niches or subniches.  A market is a broad or general topic or industry, while a niche is more highly targeted to a particular audience or customer.  An example of a market is healthcare.  A niche or sub-niche of this market may be focused on nursing education or even more specifically, continuing education for nurse practitioners.


A niche website displays content which encompasses a given niche or sub-niche.  They can be in the form of static websites, blogs or e-commerce sites.  They can be used to make direct sales of a product or service that you create or to the promote products and services of others (affiliate marketing).


There are an abundance of niche opportunities available.  The possibilities are endless. To find a good niche, examine your interests, hobbies and passions.  Take a close look at your talents and areas where you are highly knowledgeable. Also, consider trends and what is happening in the world around you and in your local community.  You can get some good ideas from observing topics that pop in social media, current events, the news, magazines, catalogues, brochures and store shelves at retailers.  You may just get your “Eureka!” moment by talking with a friend or watching TV.



For example, when my siblings and I were growing up, we would always spend hours on the weekend watching “Kung Fu theater” on syndicated TV.  You know, those older martial arts movies with the poorly dubbed English were televised often in those days. We’d always try and mimic the fighting moves used by the actors in the movies during our play fights.  Up until this day, is still enjoy Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li action flicks.  I almost consider the martial arts as a beautiful art form.  Although I don’t know the first thing about martial arts, I am intrigued enough to be able to research and write about the martial arts.  And, there are plenty of niches to be found within the marital arts markets, such as UFC jui jitsu gear, Gracie grappling techniques, tai chi for relaxation, etc.



A few good websites that will inspire some niche ideas are mazagines.com, Yahoo Answers, Quora, eBay and Google Trends. Brainstorm on how you can produce content, a service or a product that will actually add value to the niche and help the end user at the same time.



Starting your research with things that you are interested in or passionate about is helpful.  This is because you will be less likely to get bored and abandon the project.  It won’t feel as much like a chore when you are trying to consistently come up with fresh ideas and content within the niche. But, your research shouldn’t stop here.



Just because you like a particular niche doesn’t mean that it will be worth your while to pursue it.  That last thing that anyone wants is to invest time, money and resources into building a website in a niche that isn’t profitable.


Some people trip themselves up from the beginning by starting with too broad a topic.  They make the mistake of assuming that they are capable of serving every audience in a market.  Then, they later realize just how overwhelming a task this is and some give up.  They also don’t consider the fact that broad markets tend to be highly competitive and difficult to thrive in.  They are already dominated by well established brands and companies.