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Keywords and Quality Content are the lifeblood of niche websites

What are keywords?

A keyword is the search term that people plug into a search engine. Most of the times, they go to Google looking for information or the answers to a problem or question. And here’s where keywords come into play. Google indexes billions of pages on the internet. When, people make search queries, Google uses a software program called ‘spiders” to find the most useful and relevant webpages. So, if a searcher types in a word like “baseball bats”, Google will return the results of webpages which contain that keyword.

As an internet marketer, you will want to familiarize yourself with the relevant keywords and vocabulary of your niche. It is important to get inside the minds of your target audience and understand their wants and needs. What is the language of your audience? What are the types of search terms they would plug into Google or another search engine? You attract more visitors to your niche site by answering the questions that your visitors are asking.

You will also attract highly targeted traffic from the search engines by creating good quality, relevant content around long tail keywords. It does no good to have high traffic to a site, if the visitor is not getting what they are looking for. The idea is to get highly targeted visitors that are ready willing and able to buy things. And even if the traffic is relatively low, there is still a good chance to make money when the conversion rates are high for that traffic.

So, if a person were to plug in the term “baseball” into Google, they would get a search result with millions of indexed pages. These results would be very broad and will contain any webpages related to the topic of baseball. The results could contain information on baseball gear, baseball games, rules of baseball, how to play baseball, baseball memorabilia, baseball ad infinitum. Now if the same person were to plug in a more targeted term such as “wooden baseball bats”, he’d receive a list of webpages specifically targeting that search term.

I mentioned the term, “long tail keywords” It is a very specific, low search volume term, that people query in the search engines, as opposed to a head term (sometimes called short-tail), which are usually much more broad in scope, and more heavily searched. For example, a head term is usually just one or two words, like “new cars”. A long tail keyword would be “new Toyota dealership in Orlando”.


An added benefit of zeroing in on a niche is that it gives the website a better chance of ranking well in Google.  There are many factors that go into how Google ranks websites in SERPs.  But, it is much easier for a website to rank in Google by targeting the low competition, long tail keywords, as opposed to trying to rank for a head term. In other words, a niche website containing the keyword phrases that your target audience is searching for in Google will show up in the first few pages of Google (if researched and constructed properly). The goal is for the website to reach the first page of Google and ideally the first few results on that page.


Information marketers implement keyword research tools in order to find the best long tail keywords and find a worthwhile niche. There a few effective free tools, such as Ubbersuggest and the Google Adwords Keyword tool. There are more robust keyword research software available like Market Samurai, Long tail Pro, and Jaxxy, but they aren’t free. Although keyword research tools are not 100% precise and accurate, they do provide fairly close approximations of data culled from major search engines.